Chipkiz Cup 2017 Flier


THE “CHIPKIZI” CUP 2017  (Youth/upcoming-Kiswahili)

  As the year comes to an end we all have many things to be thankful of. Future Stars Academy – Tanzania (est. 2009) is no exception. We have had many obstacles and challenges as well as many fond memories. To close out the year we have extended our invitation to your club/academy to an invitational soccer tournament to be held in Arusha, Tanzania on: Wednesday 13th December – Sunday 17th December (For U17 & U20), Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th December (for teams U15 and below), 2017. We request all international and traveling teams to make arrangements to arrive in Arusha on Tuesday 12th December (U17&U20’s) Thursday 14th December (U15 teams and below), 2017 at 6:00pm for registration and walk through.

Due to the number of enquires that we have received we request that you confirm or make reservations as early as possible. Future Stars intends on making this an annual event with sports integrity, age appropriate and the development of future talent being the main focus. Distinguished guests of honor will be present to set off the event. One can visit www.futurestarsacademy.org for more information.


On that note, we hereby wish to invite you to our 8th Annual East Africa  “Chipkizi Cup” 2017 organized by Future Stars Academy – Arusha, Tanzania.


The competing age categories will be: –                             aside      Max. No. of players

  • Under 7 years born after January 2010 (5v5)                 10
  • Under 9 years born after January 2008 (6v6)                10
  • Under 11 years (boys) born after January 2006(7v7)    10
  • Under 13 years (boys) born after Jan 2004 (9v9)         13
  • Under 15 years (girls) born after Jan 2002 (9v9)          13
  • Under 15 years (boys) born after Jan 2002   (11v11)     16
  • Under 17 years (boys) born after Jan 2000 (11v11)       18

Under 20 years (boys & girls) born after Jan 1997   (11v11)   18

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