Excel Players


Excel program: Setting teenagers on the path to success

This promises to be a life changing experience for teenagers selected by Future Stars because of their talent and attitude.

An excel player can expect:
  • a structured 3 month training calendar of 12 hours per week, with drills, fitness training and quality coaching,
  • support in achieving both their personal and wider team goals,
  • regular evaluation and personalized training plans,
  • to build a mentality of self care and bodily awareness, and mental toughness,
  • participation in 3 tournaments per year per age group [1 in-house].

Excel players receive twelve hours of age-appropriate training each week, exposure to European coaches and scouts, and regular competition. We expect selected players to

  • attend at least 90% of the training opportunities,
  • participate consistently in their education. “No school, no football”.
  • demonstrate discipline and integrity,
  • complete their football homework and engage in independent study,
  • act as an ambassador for Future Stars.


Please download this overview of training topics that will be covered.
Where: At Meru school football pitch
When: Trials for selection in this program are scheduled for 15th, 16th and 25th April
Join: RegisterCost: $250 per term. $700 per year if paid in advance. 

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