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Tanzania is one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world. As well as being home to the highest mountain in Africa, Tanzania also has the largest concentration and variety of animals in the continent. The country has over 120 different tribes and ethnic groups, and with a roughly even mix of religion between Christianity and Islam, it is a fascinating and rich cultural experience.

The population of Tanzania is around 58 million people, nearly half of which are under 15 years old. This next generation faces many challenges, such as poverty, prevalence of diseases like HIV and Aids and gender inequality. The situation is especially challenging for young girls, with Tanzania having one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world.

Like in most African countries, soccer is the number one sport and a passion for many people.

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Your trip supports the work of Future Stars Academy, a non-profit organization which was created to provide football and education to disadvantaged youth in Arusha and Moshi.
Future Stars Academy provides opportunities for football training and competition to disadvantaged children aged 4-20. They have an academy of junior teams from U5 to U20 which compete in local leagues and they are pioneering the growth of women’s football in Tanzania by supporting several girls teams and helping to create an environment where girls are supported to play as much as boys. Future Stars Academy philosophy is that all children have the right to play, have fun and to have hope. Through football, Future Stars provides them with this at the same time as building their physical and mental resilience to succeed in life. The academy has one rule: No school – No Play.

Future Stars Academy also aims to bring football and social education to as many children as possible across Arusha and Moshi. Through school visits, leagues, tournaments and festivals Future Stars coaches deliver football and life-skills training to local youth with a strong focus on gender equality. Your trip will support Future Stars Academy in their important work and allow them to bring social education, football and hope to more young people in Tanzania.

Responsible and social travel

By traveling with Future Stars Academy, you can make sure that more of your expenses stay in the pockets of the people who make your trip so memorable, we can put together an unforgettable trip for you that values responsible and social principles and not only will you enjoy it more, but get back home knowing you’ve made the world a better place, not a worse one!

We believe the most unforgettable experiences wait in the local travel experience, meeting the people in their right elements and experience their daily life. We think the real adventures wait for you in the local experience. What if you decided to go beyond the usual popular destinations and parts of the world your friends, families, and Instagrammers have never seen and experienced?

Future Stars Academy are offering unique and unforgettable local travel experiences in Arusha, offering social tourism which enables you to discover authentic traditional culture and wildlife.

Traveling with Future Stars Academy & Explore Tanzania, you can immerse in the day-to-day lives of local and indigenous people while contribute to empowering girls in rural Arusha through sports. In return you get a rare opportunity to experience local communities, get unique and unforgettable experiences you won’t experience at the normal tourist attractions.

The social impacts of traveling with Future Stars Academy spread much beyond. Improved living conditions for local populations, increased employment and income, empowerment of women and disadvantaged social groups are some of the areas which fall within the purview of social impacts of tourism.

  • Improve well-being and reduce stress.
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence.
  • Provide new skills, widen perspectives and enhance employability.
  • Give long-lasting, treasured memories.

Your trip will support Future Stars Academy in their important work and allow them to bring social education, football and hope to more young people in Tanzania.



Day trip activities in Arusha together with FSA

Playing football against local teams or Maasai

Get a chance to play against local teams in Arusha or let us arrange a match against a Maasai Team in an authentic Maasai village it will be an experience you will never forget! With breath taking scenery, the atmosphere is incredible with sometimes hundreds of supporters singing and dancing throughout the matches. We can arrange a local tournament for you or join one of our yearly tournaments, lets us know what you want, and we can arrange it for you, whether it’s high level competition or the local football experience! 

Take part in FSA training – get a chance to coach, play or watch a match

Meet the staff and children involved in the organization, get an introduction to some of the social challenges facing young people in Tanzania and how soccer can help to address them. Visit Future Stars Academy for a bit of football and fun and get a chance to take part in the Future Stars Academy training session.

School visit with FSA

Visit to a local school to help Future Stars deliver their Hi5 curriculum to local children. Time for a photo in front of the breathtaking scenery of Mt Meru. Get a chance to experience the Ace – FSA School league which will be taking part on this day for both the boys’ and girls’ teams.

Visit a local Future Stars Family

Home visit to experience everyday life for kids in Arusha. Interact with a local family and learn about their hopes and challenges. Local Tanzanian food experience – learn how to make local dishes with the help of the family, after we will enjoy the local meal.

Women’s Clinic – Gender Equality

Attend and support a football and life-skills session focusing on Female Empowerment and Gender Equality for 50-80 kids at the school. This activity takes you to the front line to see and participate on how FSA tackles sensitive issues through sports and games. You will also enjoy a local lunch with the girls and share their stories and experiences.

Day trip activities in Arusha

Together with FSA

Sightseeing in Arusha during your safari holiday in East Africa gives you the opportunity to experience the rich historical attractions and cultural heritage of the city. Whether you want to learn about the city’s history or interact with the local people, there are many ways to enjoy your exploratory trip in Arusha. The Clock Tower in Arusha sits at the halfway point between Cairo and Cape Town. Today, the tower marks the central business district of the city. The tower was built by a Greek resident and is the oldest landmark in the city. 

A little oasis just a short drive off the main road between Moshi and Arusha, the Kikuletwa hotsprings are the perfect place to relax and one of the best things to do in Arusha and Moshi area. And as it’s not only the destination that counts, the journey up to the hot springs is one to remember as well.

On the coffee tour you’ll visit a characteristic small coffee farm that belongs to the farmers who are members of the Village. During the tour you’ll become familiar with the whole process of coffee production. The visitor will also enjoy a local prepared lunch and of course a cup of local coffee will be brewed. The farmer themselves will be guiding the visitors.

You’ll not only see how beans are grown, picked and roasted, but also get an insight into the lives of the coffee farmers who live on Mt. Meru’s lower slopes.

No visit to Arusha is complete without a Mt. Meru waterfall hike! During this half day excursion, your guide will lead you through a number of small agricultural villages with lush landscapes.

Enjoy the cool waterfall mist and relax in a beautifully shaded area while taking in the sites. Be sure to bring your camera to take some great photos!

Placed at the foothills of magnificent Kilimanjaro lies the beautiful village of Materuni, home to our Chagga people and famous for its aromatic, rich coffee. On this fun day you’ll get a chance to make your own cup of coffee the proper way and you’ll find out the secret to the perfect cup of coffee from the local Chagga people. Next you’ll hike the short but challenging route to the Materuni Falls, during the hike you will see a variety of exotic plants and trees, coffee and banana trees, different fruits and animals, especially many different birds. When you reach the waterfall, you can stand under the waterfall or cool down in the water after your hike, there’s nothing more calming than floating in the cool waters. Enjoy your packed lunch before or after your swim

Lake Duluti is a small crater lake situated in eastern Arusha. It takes approximately 20 minutes from Arusha City. Exploring the area around Lake Duluti is quite fun. Enjoy canoeing at Lake Duluti as well as the hike at the Duluti Forest and get to see the different animal and plant species.

Biking does not get better than what is available in Tanzania. There are thousands of miles of single-track routes to explore. Most of these paths are nice and smooth and easy riding. Obviously, there are more challenging routes for the adventurer. The mountain bike rides are designed to give you both a wildlife and cultural experience.

A beautiful village walk to introduce you to the everyday life in Africa! This hike starts in Mto wa Mbu. With our friendly local guide, we will take you for a wonderful cultural experience. You will visit small farms, meet the locals and see a large banana plantation where your guide will show you how traditional banana beer is made, and you are welcome to taste! Take a stroll through the colourful market of Mto wa Mbu! Pass the small stands where a huge variety of products are being sold. From fresh fruits, vegetables and spices to handicrafts, meat and household products. You might find something you want to buy as well and try out your bargain skills. This tour also includes a great healthy local lunch.

A short drive will take you to a small, authentic Maasai boma. Here you can experience how the Maasai, a semi-nomadic tribe, live and prosper in an increasingly challenging environment. You will be welcomed by means of a ritual by the Maasai family, a symbol of your welcome to the region. During your visit. They will show you a glimpse into their daily lives, traditions and habits so you can truly understand their way of living.

To climb Mount Kilimanjaro is on many a bucket list – but for a flavour of the mountain, how about a day hike? The highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro is 5,985m, and it can take around a week to climb to the summit, but head for the less-visited western side and it’s possible to do a one-day excursion, with some hiking. The day hike takes you to the first level of Kilimanjaro, enjoy lunch and sightseeing, after lunch return to the gate park entrance and return to arusha late afternoon. 


Group Tours

Group tours are available for schools, companies and football & other sports clubs. Tour length, cost & itinerary can be tailored to your needs. Please email to find out more.

What a tour can involve:

Take a unique safari in the world-famous National Parks and experience an extraordinary nature and wildlife of Tanzania, visit a national park like Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire or Lake Manyara.

Train, play and learn with Future Stars Academy, which provides a chance for boys and girls to develop as athletes and also uses the power of football to tackle social issues affecting the next generation.

Immerse yourself into the true Tanzanian culture through trying local foods, visiting tribes and exploring different communities.

Your trip supports the continuing work at Future Stars Academy to support and develop young people in Tanzania.